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The My Personal Postcard iPhone app is known as mpPostcard in the Apple App Store.

Can I use My Personal Postcard for free?

mpPostcard is free to download and use however to send a physical postcard you will need to purchase credits.

How do I purchase credits?

In the mpPostcard app there is a menu item labeled “Credits”, tap this to purchase credits.

How many credits are required to send a postcard?

Postcards cost 2 credits

How much do credits actually cost?

For latest costs please view our prices

Are credits refundable?

Unfortunately once purchased, credits are non-refundable at this time however we provide a scaling range of purchase options so you can be comfortable with your purchase.

Does the cost cover taxes, postage, VAT, GST, etc?

Yes. The cost covers everything needed to print, apply a protective coating, stamp and put your postcard in the post.

How long does it take to delivery my postcard?

My Personal Postcard uses manufacturing sites in North America, Asia and Europe to produce your cards. Our fastest delivery time on record is 2 days to a destination in the United States!

ypically postcards take 4 to 6 working days to deliver, however, destinations outside of Europe, Asia, and North America can take longer. No postcard should take longer than 10 working days to delivery, so if you have not received your postcard by then, please contact us and let us know.

The very edge of my picture was missing from my postcard, why is that

Our postcards work best with picture using a 3:2 aspect ratio, but we can use pictures taken from any camera with any aspect ratio. This sometime requires us to crop the photo to fit the postcard. We will fill the photo to the postcard proportionally with as little of the picture cut off as possible, but even with cameras taking pictures with a 3:2 aspect ratio, we will need to remove the outer 1 – 1.5mm to ensure the photo has professional finish.

How are they produced?

All cards are printed on 350 GSM stock, using HP Indigo Digital Presses with resolutions of 2400 x 2400 Hi Definition DPI, with a coating to protect the picture.

What size are postcards?

The postcards are 150mm x 100mm.

How can I pay for credits?

You can add credits to your account by using Visa, Mastercard or a Paypal account. All payments are processed through Paypal to ensure the highest level of security.

Can I send to multiple recipients?

Yes, all cards are saved on your iPhone in drafts or the sent folder, you can duplicate any card, change any of the information (like an address) and send it.

What happens if my postcard does not reach its destination?

Contact us and give us your order number. If it does not reach your destination due to any fault of My Personal Postcard, we will resend it or credit your account.

What happens to postcards returned by the post office?

If your postcard is returned for any reason, it will be destroyed by post office it was returned to. Sorry, we cannot recover returned cards.

What happens if I want to cancel an order?

Orders are processed immediately, and automated software converts and prints your order. It is not possible to cancel an individual order, so please ensure your postcard is exactly as you want it before you send it.

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